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Main Purpose

Steam is a digital distribution platform for video games, providing a platform for game developers to sell their games and for gamers to purchase and play games.

Key Features

  • AI Roguelite is a text-based RPG game available on Steam.
  • Every aspect of the game, including locations, NPCs, enemies, items, crafting recipes, and game mechanics, is determined by artificial intelligence.
  • AI-generated entities: Explore a truly infinite world with AI-generated weapons, enemies, and more.
  • AI-generated crafting recipes: Combine different items to create new ones based on AI-generated decisions.
  • AI-generated combat: Engage in combat with AI-generated enemies, where the outcome depends on the AI-generated name, description, and attribute rolls.
  • AI-generated illustrations: Each entity in the game is accompanied by an AI-generated illustration using Stable Diffusion technology.

Use Case

  • Players who enjoy text-based RPGs and want to experience a game where every aspect is determined by artificial intelligence.
  • Gamers interested in exploring a truly infinite world with AI-generated content.
  • Players who enjoy experimenting with crafting systems and discovering unique combinations of items.
  • Fans of combat systems that rely on AI-generated names and descriptions.
  • Those interested in AI-generated illustrations for game entities.
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