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Main Purpose

Snappy Gifts is a multinational company specializing in corporate and consumer gifting.

Key Features

  • Proprietary algorithm and deep industry experience to identify top-trending gifts
  • Expertly-curated gift collections for various occasions and budgets
  • Personalized gifting based on employee data
  • Virtual scratch card feature for recipients to choose their gift
  • Seamless gift delivery via email or mobile text message
  • Integration with retailers and brands like Amazon, Birchbox, and Best Buy
  • "Thank you" note feature for managers to see the impact on employees

Use Case

  • Corporate gifting for employee appreciation and recognition
  • Personal gifting for birthdays, celebrations, and special occasions
  • Sending gifts to individuals without requiring their address
  • Offering a curated collection of gift options for recipients to choose from
Pricing Model:

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