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Main Purpose

Sharkio is an API proxy tool designed to record and replay requests sent to your API. It aims to simplify API development and testing by generating types, documentation, and test suites, and providing AI-powered interaction with your API.

Key Features

  • API Proxy: Sharkio acts as an API proxy, capturing and recording all requests made to your API.
  • Request Replay: It allows you to easily replay the recorded requests, facilitating testing and debugging.
  • Type Generation: Sharkio can generate types based on the recorded requests, helping with code generation and documentation.
  • Documentation Generation: It can automatically generate API documentation based on the recorded requests, enhancing onboarding and reducing maintenance efforts.
  • Test Suite Generation: Sharkio can generate test suites based on the recorded requests, enabling comprehensive API testing.
  • AI Interaction: The tool provides AI-powered interaction with your API, allowing for intelligent and dynamic interactions.

Use Case

  • API Development and Testing: Sharkio is useful for developers and teams working on API development and testing, providing a comprehensive set of tools for recording, replaying, generating types and documentation, and testing APIs.
  • Documentation and Onboarding: Sharkio can help streamline the documentation process and improve onboarding experiences by automatically generating API documentation based on recorded requests.
  • AI Interaction with APIs: The AI-powered interaction feature of Sharkio enables developers to interact with their APIs using intelligent and dynamic responses, enhancing the testing and development process.
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