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Main Purpose

"Reword: Train Your Own Article Cowriter": The main purpose of this website is to provide a tool that uses AI to generate unique content and assist in writing articles. It allows users to train the AI on their own materials to maintain the desired tone of voice. " | Understand what you read": The main purpose of this website is to simplify difficult English texts. It provides a tool that can reword complex sentences into easier versions, helping users understand the content better. It also offers learning sessions to teach users new words and phrases.

Key Features

  • "Reword: Train Your Own Article Cowriter":
  • AI-powered content generation
  • Training the AI on a brand's own materials
  • Maintaining the desired tone of voice
  • Cross-linking articles
  • AI commands in the text editor
  • " | Understand what you read":
  • Rewording complex sentences into easier versions
  • Highlighting reworded words and providing original harder word pronunciation
  • Clear and easy-to-understand definitions
  • Learning Sessions to actively teach new words and phrases
  • Customizable highlighting styles and learning options

Use Case

  • "Reword: Train Your Own Article Cowriter":
  • Digital publishers and content creators looking for AI support in generating unique content
  • SEO consultants seeking a hybrid approach to writing articles with AI assistance
  • " | Understand what you read":
  • Individuals struggling with difficult English texts and looking for simplified versions
  • Language learners who want to improve their understanding of complex sentences
  • Educators who want to customize vocabulary instruction for their students
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