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Main Purpose

The main purpose of the website is to showcase examples and demonstrations of MusicLM, a framework for generating music from text.

Key Features

  • Music Generation: MusicLM allows users to generate music based on text prompts.
  • Language Modeling: The framework utilizes language modeling techniques to generate coherent and natural music continuations.
  • Speech Continuation: MusicLM can generate speech continuations that preserve speaker identity, prosody, and semantic coherence.
  • Acoustic Generation: The framework can generate acoustic tokens based on semantic tokens extracted from original samples.
  • Unconditional Generation: MusicLM supports unconditional generation of music without using prompts.
  • Piano Continuation: The framework can generate coherent piano music continuations, even without any symbolic representation of music.

Use Case

  • Music Composition: MusicLM can be used by composers and musicians to generate musical ideas and explore different compositions based on text prompts.
  • Speech Generation: The framework can be used to generate speech continuations that maintain speaker identity and semantic coherence, which can be useful in applications like voice assistants or dialogue systems.
  • Acoustic Modeling: MusicLM's acoustic generation capabilities can be utilized in tasks such as audio synthesis, voice conversion, or audio post-processing.
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