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Main Purpose

Litmaps is a literature review assistant that helps researchers, students, and professionals discover scientific literature and conduct more effective research.

Key Features

  • Literature Review Software: Litmaps provides software that assists in conducting literature reviews, offering features such as paper recommendations, visualizations, and organizing research projects.
  • Paper Recommendations: Litmaps recommends relevant papers based on the citation network, helping users discover literature that may be easily overlooked with traditional keyword search methods.
  • Visualization: The platform allows users to visualize their literature lists as networks, enhancing their thinking process and providing insights into existing research.
  • Organization: Litmaps helps users organize their research projects and see how different projects relate to each other, keeping them up to date on publications in their field.

Use Case

  • Researchers: Litmaps is used by researchers to discover and explore scientific literature, organize their projects, and stay updated on publications in their field.
  • Students: Litmaps is beneficial for students conducting literature reviews, helping them find deeper results for their work and providing a tool for organizing their research.
  • Professionals: Litmaps is used by professionals across various fields to enhance their research process, gain insights into existing research, and discover new literature.
Pricing Model:

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