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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Google Labs is to provide users with experimental features and projects that are being developed by Google. It allows users to try out new technologies and provide feedback to Google.

Key Features

  • Search Generative Experience (SGE): SGE is an experimental feature available in Google Labs that utilizes generative AI to enhance the search experience.
  • Opt-in Experience: Users can opt into SGE in Search Labs to try out this new search experience.
  • Language Support: SGE is currently available in the US (English).

Use Case

  • Enhanced Search Experience: Users who want to explore and try out new search experiences can opt into SGE in Search Labs to see how generative AI can improve their search results.
  • Feedback and Testing: Users who opt into SGE can provide feedback to Google on their experience with the new search feature, helping Google improve and refine the technology.
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