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Main Purpose

Magic Copy is a Chrome extension that utilizes Meta's Segment Anything Model to extract a foreground object from an image and copy it to the clipboard.

Key Features

  • Chrome extension: Magic Copy is a browser extension specifically designed for Google Chrome.
  • Foreground object extraction: It uses Meta's Segment Anything Model to accurately extract the foreground object from an image.
  • Clipboard integration: Magic Copy allows users to easily copy the extracted foreground object to the clipboard for further use.

Use Case

  • Graphic design and image editing: Magic Copy can be used by graphic designers and image editors to quickly extract and copy foreground objects from images for use in their projects.
  • Content creation: Content creators, such as social media managers or bloggers, can utilize Magic Copy to extract and copy specific objects from images to enhance their visual content.
  • Presentations and reports: Magic Copy can assist in creating visually appealing presentations and reports by enabling users to extract and copy relevant objects from images.
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