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Main Purpose

Fingerprint for Success is an AI-powered collaboration and performance platform designed to bring out the best in individuals and teams. It utilizes data-driven analytics and an AI Coach to help individuals develop and achieve their goals.

Key Features

  • AI Coach: Fingerprint for Success offers the world's first AI Coach named Marlee, which provides guidance and support to individuals in achieving their goals.
  • Predictive Analytics: The platform utilizes more than 20 years of evidence-based research and data to predict personal and team motivations, behaviors, and performance with over 90% reliability.
  • Goal Support: Marlee coaches individuals in achieving various types of goals related to work, career, leadership, financial well-being, and relationships, with a high success rate of 90% within four weeks.
  • Collaboration and Teaming: Fingerprint for Success provides tools and insights for team compositions, hiring, conflict resolution, and fostering a collaborative work environment.
  • Performance Assessment: The platform offers assessment and benchmarking tools to evaluate and enhance individual and team performance.

Use Case

  • Individuals and Professionals: Fingerprint for Success is beneficial for individuals and professionals seeking personal and career development, goal achievement, and performance improvement.
  • Teams and Organizations: The platform is useful for teams and organizations looking to optimize team compositions, resolve conflicts, improve collaboration, and enhance overall performance.
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