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Main Purpose

Fillout is a platform that allows users to create forms quickly and easily using AI assistance.

Key Features

  • AI Form Builder: Fillout's AI-powered form builder generates form questions based on prompts, saving time and effort.
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: Users can easily create forms by dragging and dropping questions into place.
  • Database Integration: Fillout allows users to connect their forms to databases, enabling seamless data collection and updates.
  • Customizable Design: Users can choose from different themes and customize the design of their forms.
  • Sharing and Embedding: Forms created with Fillout can be shared via a link or embedded on websites.

Use Case

  • Creating Forms Quickly: Fillout is ideal for users who need to create forms efficiently, whether they have pre-written questions or need AI assistance to generate questions.
  • Collecting Data: Fillout enables users to collect data from respondents through forms, which can be connected to databases for easy data management.
  • Conducting Surveys: Fillout's form builder can be used to create surveys for various purposes, such as customer satisfaction surveys or feedback forms.
Pricing Model:

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