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Main Purpose

ElevenLabs is a software company specializing in developing natural-sounding speech synthesis and text-to-speech software using artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Key Features

  • AI-assisted text-to-speech software with lifelike speech synthesis
  • Advanced algorithms for analyzing contextual aspects of text and detecting emotions
  • Voice cloning tool for creating new vocal styles
  • Voice Library for sharing unique voice profiles
  • VoiceLab for cloning voices from short audio snippets
  • AI Speech Classifier for recognizing audio samples generated by ElevenLabs' AI technology
  • Projects tool for creating long-form spoken content with contextually-aware synthetic or custom voices
  • Multilingual speech generation with emotion-rich capabilities
  • AI Dubbing tool for translating speech into multiple languages while preserving the original voice, emotions, and intonation

Use Case

  • Content creators: Podcasts, narration, comedy shows
  • Comedians: Voice cloning tool for recreating voices
  • TV and radio presenters: Synthesized voices for delivering podcasts
  • Streaming automation services: Fully automated radio service with virtual DJ
  • Game developers: Voicing game characters
  • Publishers and authors: Narrating audiobooks and newsletters
  • Content creators: Dubbing videos in different languages
  • Individuals: Creating inspirational messages using the voices of favorite celebrities
  • VICE reporter: Creating voice deepfakes for testing voice-authentication systems
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