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Main Purpose

AI-powered web-based application for generating stunning AI art

Key Features

  • Sketching: Users can start with a sketch as a foundational framework for AI algorithms to generate unique and visually appealing images.
  • Uploading Existing Images: Users can upload their own images as a starting point for art generation, preserving their personal artistic style.
  • Modifying Images with Keywords: Users can use keywords to guide the AI algorithms in modifying the generated images, allowing for customization.
  • Adjusting Image Height and Width: Users have the flexibility to tweak the dimensions of the generated images to achieve specific aspect ratios.
  • Generating Multiple Images: Users can experiment with different variations of the same image by providing prompts and keywords.
  • Saving and Downloading Images: Dream Studio Beta offers the convenience of saving and downloading images individually or in a zip file.
  • Image Editor: Users can leverage the image editor functionality to make further modifications to the generated images.
  • Uploading Images for Further Modification: Users can upload previously generated images and control their influence on new generations.

Use Case

  • AI Art Creation: Dream Studio Beta provides artists and designers with a platform to generate and customize AI-generated art.
  • Creative Exploration: Users can experiment with different images, dimensions, and variations to explore their artistic vision.
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