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Main Purpose

Apify's product matching AI is designed to solve the challenge of mapping and matching products across various online stores. It helps with dynamic pricing, competitor analysis, and market research.

Key Features

  • Easy start with available data extraction tools
  • Affordable AI solution for pricing intelligence
  • Accurate, scalable, and fast product matching

Use Case

  • Dynamic pricing: Apify's product matching AI can help e-commerce shops and online retailers compare prices of the same products across different websites, enabling them to adjust their pricing strategies accordingly.
  • Competitor analysis: By matching products from different online stores, businesses can gain insights into their competitors' product offerings, pricing, and market positioning.
  • Market research: Apify's product matching AI can be used to gather data on product availability, pricing trends, and market demand across multiple online stores, providing valuable information for market research purposes.
Pricing Model:

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