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Main Purpose

Amazon Polly is a cloud service by Amazon Web Services that converts text into spoken audio.

Key Features

  • Text-to-speech conversion: Converts text into lifelike speech using a wide range of voices.
  • Language and voice variety: Supports 47 male and female voices across 24 languages.
  • Pronunciation accuracy: Handles homographs and language-specific speech components accurately.
  • SSML support: Allows the use of Speech Synthesis Markup Language for more sophisticated applications.
  • High-quality audio: Generates audio in high-quality formats, including up to 22 kHz sampling rate.
  • API and CLI integration: Provides API functions and AWS CLI for dynamic and programmatic access.

Use Case

  • Entertainment and gaming: Enhances user experience in games and entertainment applications.
  • E-learning: Enables the creation of interactive and engaging educational content.
  • Telephony and public announcement systems: Provides voice prompts and announcements.
  • Personal assistants: Powers voice-enabled virtual assistants and chatbots.
  • Assistive apps and devices: Supports accessibility features for individuals with disabilities.
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